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Blog Help! My Dog is Ruinning My Life! What should I do?

Help! My Dog is Ruinning My Life! What should I do?


You came home to a disaster. Again.

Ripped up carpet.

Trash everywhere.

And to boot, you had to rush your dog to the vet because they ate inedible things.

You wonder why you bothered when your dog is trying to ruin your life.

I promise you that your dog doesn't want to ruin your life.

How do I know that?

OK, before you tell me all the reasons why you think your dog is ruinning your life, I beg you to hear me out! And please, I beg you, see if following my advice won't help you and your dog.

Because, instead of thinking that your dog is trying to ruin your life, think that your dog is missing information in order to do what you're asking.

Because I promise you:

Your dog does not want to set you up to fail (but if you don't do this, you're actually setting your dog up to fail...)

Your dog does not want to ruin your life (but if you don't do this it could be argued that you're trying to ruin your dog's life...)

They're simply behaving in a way that they think is appropriate at the time. And it is not aimed at you.

Your dog's choices are based on the experiences they've had and the situation they're facing.

Your dog doesn't want to destroy your friendships when they jump on your visitors.

Your dog is not trying to "dis" you when they ignore you calling them at the park.

AND! Your dog doesn't want to embarrass you in public when they bark at other dogs and or people.

Your dog is simply behaving, well... Normally.

Or at least, they think it's normal.

Because they're missing vital information to help them make better choices!

And we often fall into the trap of thinking our dogs should hang off our every word like a love sick puppy - without us having put a much or really any training into our dogs.

Let's address what WE consider training is and what training really is. Because there's definitely a disconnect here. Ask me how I know.

Yes. I had that disconnect too once upon a time. That's why I know exactly where 99% of dog owners fail.

Because I was once one of the 99% Your dog wasn't born knowing how to be obedient.

That's something that needs to be taught.

And your dog could need 1,000 of repetitions in many different situations to help them learn!

For example: Asking your dog to sit in the kitchen when there are no other dogs or people around, using a treat is fine. Taking your dog to the park (new place), where there are people and dogs (distractions) and then expecting your dog to sit when you haven't taught your dog the steps slowly... Is setting your dog up to fail. They don't have the information they need to do what you ask. And here's the thing: your dog ignoring your "SIT" at the park wasn't even ignoring you. They did not even know what you wanted.

So what should you do instead?

Go back a step. Taking the behaviour your dog has into a new location is testing your training.

What your dog does isn't good.

What your dog does isn't bad.

What your dog does is information for you about how well you've done "explaining" (teaching) your dog what you mean.

Once you have that information, you don't have a right to get frustrated with your dog (that's the fastest way to break trust). Now, you have to use that information to fill in the gaps of your dog's learning.

How do you do that? Well, I teach you that step by step in The Good Dog Vault. Be one of the first 25 people to sign up and lock in your monthly membership for ONLY US$9/month (usually $27).


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