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The Dog Geek Vault (Learn how to Train the Dog in Front of You!)

The Dog Geek Vault (Learn how to Train the Dog in Front of You!)

Is Online Training actually worth it?
I love Online Dog Training, because it gives me the opportunity to learn from people even if they're on a different continent. The other great thing about online dog training is that usually the course creator adds in MORE than what you need so that it suits a range of dogs and their humans! That's great because you'll have information to help not just 1 dog, but all your dogs! Present and Future!

Also the other great thing about online training is that you can revisit the lessons OVER and OVER and OVER! And if you're having trouble, just flick me a message and I'll see how I can help you with that. It's actually so much more convenient because you don't even need to get dressed to go through the class. It's all right there to go through when it's convenient for you - even if that's 3am!

Does access to the course expire?
As long as you're a member you'll get access to The Dog Geek Vault. If you decide to cancel this class and any bonuses will be removed from your library.

What if it doesn't work for me and my dog?
I take it as a personal failure. You can submit videos so that I can help you figure out what's going on so that you'll be successful! I want you to succeed! I'll work with you to find a solution but remember for your dog to improve you have to do the training. Just buying the course isn't going to fix your dog's behaviour.

Check out the Following Bonuses:

A Dog Trainer's Diary - full of training and ramblings from me! Valued at $497

Reactive Dog Rehab Workshop Videos + Notes $Valued at $697

How to Train Your Dog Online Class! Valued at $67

Teach Your Dog to Come when You Call! Valued at $97

Lifeskills for Dogs Valued at $497

24 Modules

The Library

I've compiled some of the best free resources on the internet together for you! Dive in!

You know, some of the areas most people fall flat at is that they don't value lectures as much as they should! Don't just look at what people are doing. Most of the reason I am where I am today is that I LISTEN TO THE LECTURES!

I even downloaded them at one point and played them on my iPod... OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER (I'm sure you get the point) Again... 

Resetting Naughty Behaviour

Dog Training 101

Right, You All will be getting access to the online class You Can Train Your Dog! WooHoo! Check your Account!

Foundation Skills I teach Every Dog

Problem Solving Toilet Training

Crate Training that Actually Works!

A Different View of Consequences

How to Use Drive to Your Advantage

How to Train in Low Drive

Training with Games: Recall

Problem Solving Barking

Loose Leash Walking 101

How can You be Firm without being a Bully

Introducting Multiple Dogs Safely

Building Strong Puppies

Challenge: Talk Less to Your Dog!

Modules for this product 24
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