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The Competitive Edge Lab (Start Your Journey in Obedience Competitions!)

The Competitive Edge Lab (Start Your Journey in Obedience Competitions!)

Does this sound like you?

So, you're wanting to get into doing obedience competitions with your dog, but you don't know where to start. You don't know where to start or how to get your dog to look like those other dogs in the ring! 

In fact when your dog looks at you you can see the look of "oh no here we go again" in their eyes. And they just end up going off sniffing. You just don't know what to do anymore! Surely it can't be that hard! You're feeling frustrated, exasperated and pretty much ready to give up!

What do you want?

I know you want to know the secrets to having more fun with your dog. Eventually getting to the ring would be nice too. But it's like everyone else knows something you don't. 

You know your dog can do it. But why can't you + your dog work together? Why can't your dog just "get it"! Seriously, it's not rocket surgery! You've seen some of the people who compete and you know you + your dog can beat them! If only you can find your groove! But feels like it's a treasure in the deepest depths at bottom of the ocean and then burried under a 100 tonnes of lead that you just can't seem to reach!

Let Me Tell You About Someone Who Felt Just Like You...

OK, I could tell you my story with Kaz the German Shepherd. Or the story of Estelle + Dante the Staffy. But instead I'm going to tell you about Danielle + Rosie the Greyhound. I'm telling you their story because you and I both know that Greyhounds aren't really known for doing well in the show ring. And yet, they're winning!

They didn't start out winning. Like everyone else, they started struggling. But, with a bit of guidance from me, Danielle and Rosie got over their slump and started to not only enjoy working together, but Rosie started LOVING training! She finally understood what Danielle wanted. And now, they've even been selected for the regional team!

They're no different from you and me. The only difference is that they have learned to work together - and you can learn to work with your dog too! And I can help you!

What People Are Saying About The Competitive Edge?

"Without Luzelle, I would have never thought I could train my greyhound to compete. She showed me the how and why. And Now, we're kicking ass in the ring!" - Danielle + Rosie (Greyhound)

"When we started training with Luzelle, things were different. The training was different to what we'd been told to do before. Dante started enjoying training a lot more and actually got excited about training! He's started excitedly offering behaviours on his own and trying to find what I want, whereas before he would just huff when it was training time" - Estelle + Dante the Staffy

"I wanted to thank you for all your help in the beginning stages of my Obedience journey with Era. We entered two trials today and took out first in both! I definitely wouldn't have been anywhere near as good without your guidance!" - Shanice + Era the Border Collie

Yes, these are just 3 of the people we've helped so far in their competition journey! And this could be your story too! but only if you're ready to stop feeling frustrated and not getting anywhere and actually start working with your dog!

About The Competitive Edge (TCE)

In TCE we cover all the training steps for everything you need to get started on your obedience journey with easy to follow videos and lessons to set you + your dog up for success!

There's also a very supportive FB Group where we cheer each other on and make sure everyone can get this!

And once a month we have a Zoom Call where you can ask questions and work through solutions together because I want you to succeed!

But that's not all! You also get an opportunity to get together every month and train with me here at SolutionK9. Yup, because sometimes hands on help makes the world of difference! And I want to make sure you have every chance to succeed!

What Next?

Right, here's your chance. Continue doing what you've been doing and struggling along or actually start seeing some progress and achieving real results with your dog!

So, join The Competitive Edge today and start getting results with your dog! Click the button, and you'll get instant access to the growing library of training to give you The Competitive Edge!

26 Modules

Before We Begin

Getting you + your dog on the right track and in the right state of mind! Ready to get The Competitive Edge!

"Heeling is Just Another Trick" (Quote from Sylvia Trkman)

OK... so the way I'm going to cover heeling it's going to sound more like a chore than a trick... but trust me, it's not a chore... but there are a lot of little things to keep in mind... 

This is the detailed breakdown. You can do as much or as little of this as you like... there are no rules... your dog, your training... but I'm your guide and this is your library. I want as many resources in your library as possible... so here goes...

Some of these exercises are covered elsewhere in The Competitive Edge.

Teaching Heeling correctly requires quite a few steps:

  • Informal RZ (Reinforcement Zone) Sessions
  • Foot Targets
  • Teach Tuck Sit
  • Teach Kick Out Stand
  • Teach Drop Down
  • Teach REA (Rear End Awareness) with FFT (Front Foot Target)
  • REA Fronts with FFT
  • REA Basic Position with FFT
  • Heeling next to a wall
  • Teach Leash Pressure
  • Work on Fronts
  • Work on Finishes
  • Teach TRICK LH Spin in Basic Position (Help Keep up Motivation)
  • Teach TRICK Through (go through legs - Helps reinforce straight fronts)
  • Teach TRICK Hand Touch (Helps Higher Head Position and keeping dog straight in heeling)
  • Work on Basic Position
  • Find the Left Leg
  • Move Away from Wall (with the leash and leash pressure)
  • Work on Turns without FFT
  • Add Duration
  • Add Distraction
  • Teach Footwork Cues: Follow VS Stay
  • Heeling Work on Collection (Slow Pace + LH Turns)
  • Heeling Work on Extention (Fast Pace + RH Turns
  • Teach Footwork Cues: Halt VS Slow Pace

Then Start on Behaviour Chains. Start with 2 Behaviours, then move to 3 behaviours and so on and so forth. If your dog messes up a behaviour in the chain go back and work on that behaviour.

Then start on interval training... but don't worry, I'll cover all that...

Heeling Games + Tricks

The Steps for Competitive Stays

The Steps for a Competitive Send Away

The Steps for Competitive In Motion Exercises

The Steps for Competitive Distance Exercises

Advanced Engagement

What You Can Do When You Can't Do Much (Injuries)

Modules for this product 26
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