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Teach Your Dog to Walk Nicely on Lead! (Even if your dog thinks they're a Husky and "heel" meant "hike!")

Teach Your Dog to Walk Nicely on Lead! (Even if your dog thinks they're a Husky and "heel" meant "hike!")

Why can't your dog just walk on a loose leash by your side. It's not that hard. But your dog would rather choke themselves to death instead of actually walking on a loose leash it's insane! Not to mention that last week your dog went to go after a cat and almost pulled you into traffic. 

Your arm hurts from your dog's pulling on leash. And you wonder if they could actually damage their neck from all the pulling. Especially as they make these gagging sounds... It worries you, but you don't really want to think about it. Your dog needs to be walked, you know that.

If you want this

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  • Walking by your side, so that all you feel is the weight of the leash between your fingers.
  • Calm and relaxed so that you can even stop at a cafe and grab a coffee without worrying about how your dog will behave
  • Starting their walk in a calm relaxed manner, not running around the house like a lunatic when you just picked up your keys!

Sound too good to be true? It's not! Because these are ALL the skills you'll learn in The Amazing Walks Lab, I'll show you how!


I created the online class Teach Your Dog to Walk Nicely on Lead when I realised how many dog owners struggle with just enjoying being able to take their dogs for a walk!

Well, you wouldn't be reading this page unless you were struggling walking your dog, so I know you've been asking for help in dog groups and watching YouTube videos, desperate to get your dog to stop strangling themselves and hurting your arm from pulling on the leash! And wouldn't it be nice if your dog would just walk calmly on the leash by your side? You know, my first dog pulled so hard on leash that I still have a shoulder injury. And I tried EVERYTHING to try and fix it. I pretty much made it my life's work to learn how to get dogs to walk on a loose leash.

Because I know how frustrating and stressful it is to have a dog who just won't stop pulling! It makes walks scary. And stressful! And not fun. And because your dog is pulling and that makes them bark more at other dogs and people and a walk ends up feeling like you're trying to organise chaos. And it's not fun.

Unfortunately for Zakkie, I didn't actually get the hang of this until I had Delta. But since then I've been able to help so many other dogs and their owners! And I want to help you and your dog too!


Here's How it Works:

Of course, we need to teach our dogs where we want them to be, and you'll learn how to do that.

Then of course, a loose leash walk begins when you get ready for a walk, so you'll learn how to set the tone so that your dog will be calm so that they are better behaved on the entire walk!

And of course, then you'll learn how to take the skills out in the real world and teach your dog to deal with the distractions of everyday life!


Yes, you'll actually be able to enjoy walking your dog! You'll have all the tools to help your dog learn exactly how you want them to behave on a walk! So both you and your dog can enjoy more time together!


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Got Questions? Here are a few things that the dog owners I work with often want to know, along with my responses! If you've got more questions, please don't hesitate to ask us by emailing us at

How does the training work? Well, first things first, it's important to teach your dog to be calm and set the tone for the walk you want. Then of course, we need to teach them where we need them to be, because how can they walk on a loose leash if they don't understand what that means? Then, of course, you'll need to practice everywhere! Just because your dog can walk perfectly next to you at home, doesn't mean that they understand that that's what you want at the park! So we need to teach them there too! But don't worry, I explain it all in the class!

How do I know this training will work for my dog? Your success is my success, and I do not like failing (that's why I HATE playing board games SHHH, everyone thinks I don't care about losing, but I do and I'm a VERY bad loser!). This is the problem that plagued me with my first few dogs, and so I understand the stress that comes from it. I worked very hard to develop a system that is easy to follow and that WORKS! And I know it will work for you, if you only follow the steps!

How long does this training take? Well, it depends on how often you practice and of course how determined your dog is to pull on leash. And of course, how good you are at making sure that being in the wrong position isn't going to be worth their while. 

Don't believe that your dog can walk well on a loose leash! Check out how well Stan is doing in only a few short weeks!:

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Your BEST WALK EVER is just a month away! And the sooner you start, the sooner you and your dog will get to enjoy your walks! So don't waste another minute! Let's sort out your dog's walking and say goodbye to the freight train at the end of your leash!

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