Blog 5 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make. And how to avoid them!

5 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make. And how to avoid them!


Ever heard the saying 'prevention is better than cure'? It's not just words; it's wisdom. Having a dog can be amazing, but messing up their training can turn your life into a chaos parade.

But hold your frustration! You don't need to throw your hands up in despair. We've got your back. Here are the 5 blunders we see dog owners make and how to dodge them! 🐾

  • Teach Your Dog What You Want You've probably seen it: an owner begging their dog to 'sit' like it's speaking Martian. Why? Because dogs understand pictures, not words. If you taught 'sit' in the kitchen, your pup might think it's a kitchen-exclusive command. Make sure your dog gets the big picture!

  • Pay Attention to Your Dog Ignoring your furry buddy is a recipe for mayhem. Be part of their adventures, especially when out and about. If you don't engage, they'll think they're the boss and leave you in the dust. Trust me, chasing your dog on the beach is no beach party.

  • Read Your Dog's Signals Your dog can't spill the beans with words, but their eyes, tail, ears, and posture speak volumes. Understanding their body language is like a secret code to prevent doggy mishaps. Every dog is unique, so get to know your furball's signals!

  • Be Accountable This one's big. You're responsible for your dog's behavior, not the other way around. Keep them on a leash when needed, and seek help if you're struggling. I've seen owners spend a fortune and go to court because they didn't step up.

  • Avoid Common Mistakes Remember these blunders, and don't let them slide. If your dog's behavior worries you, take action. Ignoring it could lead to serious consequences, like fines or even legal trouble. No kidding!

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