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When owners call me with challenges they are experiencing with their dogs, the dogs who attended puppy class have no advantage over the dogs who didn't attend puppy class. 

Ok, I know that would have blown your mind... so let me say that again a different way.

It doesn't matter if a dog attended puppy class or not. In fact I probably see more dogs with problem behaviours than those who did not go to puppy class.


Because in puppy class, puppies usually learn one of two things. And I don't want puppies to learn either of these lessons...

1. That other puppies are more fun than their humans

This usually leads to pulling on lead and barking to get to other dogs and play with them. You also end up with a dog who won't come back when you call, because other dogs are way more fun than you. Yup. This is the lesson they learned thanks to puppy class. These puppies can also easily find themselves in situations that they can't handle because they were never taught appropriate greetings!

2. That other puppies are scary.

This usually results in dogs who become reactive. And worst case scenario, these dogs resort to using their teeth to solve their problems. Because no one is listening to them or helping them.

But, you still need to learn how to raise your puppy correctly! When puppies are between 3 weeks ( when their eyes and ears open) and 2 years is where they will learn the majority of the things we need them to know. 

And failing to guide your puppy during this time will result in you and your puppy being very unhappy together.

You see, your puppy simply can't learn what we want and don't want if we don't show them.

And I'm here to teach you how:

Without stepping in cold pee puddles.

Without getting angry at your puppy because they did something that they didn't know you didn't want them to do (imagine how that would ruin your relationship with your puppy)

Without thinking you've got a dud. Because I promise you. There's no such thing as dud or bad puppies. There are only puppies who lack the correct education. 

So, that's why I'm putting together this online puppy class. 

So that you can have the tools to raise a great puppy, who doesn't learn either of those things.

But does it actually work? 

Yes it does! But don't take my word for it... look at my results:

Pet puppies that owners rave about for the rest of their lives.
Puppies raised as Therapy Dogs
Puppies raised as Working Dogs - yes my puppies have even ended up in the Defense Forces!

Not only that, but, you can also check out my reviews on FB and Google too!

So, what are we going to cover:

Bonus Module: A Quick Start Guide so you will see what to teach your puppy first! It will help set you and your puppy up for success! Because I know you're keen to get your puppy on the right paw from the start!

Module 1: learn exactly how to get your home ready for the little bundle of fluff. There's plenty to do before the new baby arrives! What do you feed your puppy and more answered in here so you know exactly what to do when your puppy doesn't want to eat.

Module 2: learn exactly how us dog trainers end up with puppies who aren't wrecking our homes, peeing everywhere and ripping our clothes and shoes apart...

Module 3: learn exactly what to teach your puppy - the things that's more important than sit and stay (yes, there's things that are more important than teaching your puppy to sit!)

Module 4: Ok... I'll show you how to teach sit and stay... and a few other cool tricks to show off your puppy as the little Einstein they really are!

Module 5: learn what we do to create fun, happy puppies who cope with whatever life throws at them! This is going to be one of the most important modules we'll cover!

What about Bonuses?

BONUS: The Quick Start Guide This is a series of videos to show you what to teach first! Valued at $47

BONUS: Puppy Training Videos of Actual Puppy Training See actual training sessions that we do with challenging dogs to help them through various situations. These are un-planned sessions where you can see what we do and how we handle a situation complete with comments and feedback about what we could have done differently, etc. This alone is worth $97 

What makes our training different?

It's less about 10 minute training sessions and more about what to do between training sessions - that's important because where our dogs behaviour becomes a problem is when we're not training them!

Most trainers focus on the how to's and the method. The step-by-step. And, don't worry, I'll show you that too. 

But what makes our training so unique and so different, is that I teach you how to support your puppy. Because if all you have is one step-by-step what happens if that doesn't work for your puppy?

So that's why our core focus is working on teaching your puppy to trust you. To work with you and to want to work with you. 

A friend once told me, when I wanted to apply at the Auckland Airport in a Dog Trainer role "you won't cope there. You fit the training to the dog. And there they want you to fit the dog to the training".

You see, most training is backward. And that's why so many dogs fail. 

Not because they are stupid.

But because we're trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Maybe it's because I'm dyslexic. All my life I've had to problem solve and change how to do things, just to succeed.

This is natural to me. And I've helped so many owners learn how to work with their dogs, I can help you too!

So, what are you waiting for? 

Your puppy to learn bad habits and become a problem?

Set your puppy up for success from the start!

Sign up now and let's get you and your puppy sorted!

Sound like fun? See you inside Puppy to Good Dog!

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