Looking for help, but not sure where to find it?

Here you'll find all the training and support we offer, so you can find exactly what you need!

What free help and support do we offer?

Well, I'm glad you asked! We have some very helpful free training resources that we've put together for you to help you and your dog get the training you need! You can find them here:

Grab this helpful & FREE online resource here!

Grab this helpful & FREE online resource & Join Muzzle Nation here!

Grab this helpful & FREE online resource here!

Want to work with Luzelle in-Person?

There are a few options for you and your dog to get personalised help from us if you're in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand!

The Great Dog Program:

This program is ideal to help dogs with the following challenges: stock chasing, pulling on leash, reactivity and even aggression.

The Good Dog Program:

This program is ideal to help dogs with the following challenges: excitement, barking, greeting visitors politely and more!

Just need to tidy up your dog's manners at home? A 2-hour private lesson could work.

Just give Luzelle a call or text on 0211444368

The Reactive Dog Rehab Workshop!

Ideal for people outside of New Plymouth to get in person help with their reactive dogs! Luzelle specialises in helping reactive dogs! So give her a call to learn more about our Reactive Dog Rehab Workshop!

If life's a bit of a struggle right now,
Luzelle offers some super affordable online training help too!

I designed this membership to help owners get quality help & support for their dogs for the lowest investment! So that more owners and dogs can get the help & support they need! Includes: monthly challenges, lots of training how-to's, a Facebook Group and SO MUCH MORE! Check it out here! It's currently only $19.99/month!

Get control over your dog's bad choices easily for only $9! Yup, Chaos to Calm is going to help you understand the Traffic Light System we use to make sure our dogs learn good habits from the get go! Life is stressful, your dog shouldn't add to it! I like to keep things simple! Grab it here for only $9!

Most of us really waste the best training opportunities! But no longer with Train Smarter! Yup, this program packs a punch with some of the best kept secrets in the industry! So simple, yet so effective! And you won't believe how much it will help your dog! Grab it now for only $47

Have a challenge that you need to get sorted?
These online programs are more in depth to help you & your dog shine!

Getting a dog to walk nicely on a leash can be a real challenge! My battle tested system is designed to help even the most challenging dogs learn to walk politely and calmly with their humans! You can learn more here!

Living with a reactive dog can be a real struggle! But, when you know what to do to support your best friend, you and your dog can enjoy life together and in most cases their reactivity can even become a thing of the past! You can learn more here!

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