Calm Confident & Connected Walks (Great for Reactive, Over-Excited & Nervous Dogs)

Join us for 12 weeks and learn how to enjoy walking your dog a whole lot more! 

Yes, you will become a more confident and better dog owner!

In 12 weeks your dog will learn:

  • Heel position
  • Dealing with excitement on the walk
  • How to help your reactive or nervous dog become confident on walks
  • Walking past another dog or person without drama
  • How to assess potential problems
  • How to handle a problematic situations
  • More!

How will we help you?

  • Weekly training challenges
  • How to plan & structure your training for maximum learning
  • Training Plans, Cheat Sheets & Training Journal an MORE!

What if my dog is reactive?

We will show you how to help your reactive dog. However, some seriously reactive dogs, may need our Reactive Dog Rehab Program as well (but don't worry, if you join Calm, Confident & Connected Walks, you'll get a very generous discount on that program!)

Can I really teach my dog to walk nicely on leash with online training?

Yes you can! I've helped many other dogs and their humans, and I know I can help you too! All you have to do is be prepared to go through the program and I'm confident you'll see excellent results! But don't worry, if you find out it's not for you there's a 30 day money back guarantee!

15 Modules

Week 1: Start Here!

Remember slow down to speed up. Before we even get to go for a walk, we need to have these things in place!

Modules for this course 15
Learn more here!

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