Good Dogs Have More Fun!

What's the biggest feeling of rejection?

Your dog ignoring you.

You do everything for them and then you take them to the park and off they go, like you don't even exist.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Walks are a drag. Litterally! You getting dragged. Your dog has delusions of being sled dog... and you're holding on for dear life. Without a sled.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You can't even go for an enjoyable walk, because your dog will bark at everything and everyone totally embarrassing you. Not only is it embarrassing, but then you have to put up with the snide remarks from sanctimonious "friendly" dog owners... or worse... people who don't own dogs!

You feel like you've tried everything, but nothing worked! 

I once felt just like you. In fact I even went to the obedience club, did obedience competitions (and won) and still I had these problems.

I know how you feel. But I've learned what really works! And I want to share it with you!

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Free Training Series

Welcome to our FREE Training series! 

Join us Monday 27 March to Friday 31 March for our FREE Dog Training series! The series will only be available for a limited time!

Help for Renters to Keep their Best Friends!

Rehoming your dog can be traumatising for your dog. I've helped dogs who have been depressed after being rehomed. So, my goal is to help you and your dog stay together.

Not only that, but the tips in this guide can also help reducing your dog's unwanted behaviour! So this is a complete win-win, a 2 for 1 solution!

I can't wait to see more landlords allowing renters to keep their dogs - so that more dogs can stay with their families! This is the reason why I'm a dog trainer!

How to Muzzle Train Your Dog

If you love your dog, you'll do everything possible to make sure that you'll protect them from their instincts.

And the biggest challenge our dogs face is using their teeth. I know your dog doesn't want to bite anyone. But, if they feel they have no other choice they will.

Don't wait till your dog is freaking out at the vet and then stress them out more by putting a muzzle on them. Teach them that wearing a muzzle is fun and no big deal before you need it!

That's what a good owner would do!

Don't know how to socialise your puppy before they've had all their vaccinations?

Having a puppy is stressful: Some people tell you you must socialise your puppy, others say you must keep your puppy home!

Which one is right?

What about if you could do things to socialise your puppy at home? Now there's an idea! 

We've put together our cheatsheet of things we do with our pups before they've been fully vaccinated!

7 Days to a Good Dog!

Learn how to teach your dog to have a better relationship & a more obedient dog in ONLY 7 days! Every client who's gone through this training cannot stop raving about it, so I know you & your dog will love it too!

I've broken my favourite skills down into games you can teach your dog over the next 7 days! I believe in working smarter, not harder... and here's how I do it... and you can too!

Oh and I've included some amazing bonuses! This training is worth $197, but you can get your paws on it today for ONLY $27

Rock Star Recall

Are you sick of having a dog who runs away as soon as you take their leash off? A dog who pretends they're deaf whenever you call them?

Never fear, when Luzelle is near because I've put together some tried and tested ways to teach your dog to turn their ears on and LOVE to come back when you call! It's fun for BOTH yourself and your dog

The Super Puppy Program!

The most common thing I hear when clients ring me about their dog's problem behaviours is "but they went to puppy class".

Why? Because there's more to puppy raising than puppy class. And... here's a secret... I'm about about to commit dog trainer treason by telling you the truth about puppy raising...

You need to do things that are way more important than 4 puppy classes! In fact, you can skip those classes altogether if you follow what I teach in this program! And that's why I created this program!

Design Your Signature Puppy Program (For Dog Trainers)

Design Puppy Programs that your clients will LOVE and you will LOVE to offer!

This workbook helps you design your own personalised puppy program! And you won't have to worry about what to include, what to name it, how to market it or what to charge - it's ALL covered in the workbook! 

All you have to do is go through it!

Become a Dog Walker

In The Learn How to Become a Dog Walker Program you'll learn the skills you need plus the tips and tricks to know for when things go wrong! Chonni will take you through exactly what she does day to day in her dog walking business!

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