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Life is Just Better with an Obedient Dog!

Welcome to The Dog Training Lab! Why The Dog Training Lab (TDTL) you might ask?

Because good dog training is based on science and feeling and art. 

But, don't get us wrong, you don't need to be into Rocket Science or a Heart Surgeon (Rocket Surgery for short) to get dog training!

Dog Training is a skill, that you can learn!

Your dog is desperate to be a good dog, they just don't know how. And, let's face it, no one is born a dog trainer. Even we had to learn this skill. 

And what makes us extra good at helping you and your dog? We're both Dyslexic and that means that we have made everything fun and easy. Trust a couple of Gals with Dyslexia to make training fun and easy for both you and your dog!

Available Courses

Success Tips for Busy Dog Owners!

This PDF is chocca full of tips to help you and your dog succeed, even if you're busy! And it's FREE! Yes, you read that right! FREE! Whoop!

Get it now!

3 Games that will change your life with your dog!

Of course you want your dog to be calmer, listen better and come when you call, right? 

If your dog isn't doing those things, then these 3 games (core skills disguised as games - see what I did there, very, very tricky!) will teach your dog the most important things to teach your dog!

And the bonus is that it will strengthen your relationship with your dog! And sign up today and you get our Fabulous 5 Day Challenge ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

Raise Your Puppy Right! (learn how to ditch the drama and give your puppy the BEST start!)

We know you want the best for your puppy! So, we've put together This  Virtual Puppy Class to help you get your puppy off to the perfect start! 

Yes, we will show you how to socialise your puppy even from home without risking the well being of your pup! Because we know you want your puppy to grow up to be a super happy, confident and obedient dog!

You Can Train Your Dog! (Even if your current dog pretend they have no ears and you've never trained a dog before!)!)

Is this class for you? This class is all about teaching you the skills you need to give your dog clearer instructions and teach your dog cool tricks! Yup! This is definitely a class EVERYONE should do!

This class has helped everyone from first time dog owners to professional dog trainers improve their skills and discover how much fun they can really have with their dog!  

Simon Cowell, eat your heart out because we're preparing your next lot of Contestants for America's Got Talent...

Teach Your Dog to Walk Nicely on Lead! (Even if your dog thinks they're a Husky and "heel" meant "hike!")

Your best walk ever doesn't happen by accident. It happens by design! (Let's face it, if it could be achieved by accident you wouldn't be reading this right now). So, consider this your official invite to Teach Your Dog to Walk on a Loose Leash!

Teach Your Dog to Come When You Call! (Even if your dog )

Are you sick of having a dog who runs away as soon as you take their leash off? A dog who pretends they're deaf whenever you call them?

Never fear, when Luzelle is near because I've put together some tried and tested ways to teach your dog to turn their ears on and LOVE to come back when you call! It's fun for BOTH yourself and your dog!

How can it be fun? Because we use GAMES!!! WOOHOO!

Reactive Dog Rehab

Imagine how much more you and your dog could enjoy life together if only they weren't reactive...

Get help with your reactive dog now

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