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I have a Confession...

I'm a lazy dog trainer!

Hi, I'm Luzelle the Lazy Dog Trainer! Welcome to The Dog Training Lab! It's so nice to see you here!

OK, let's get to the real question here, how does me being lazy help you? Well, it means that I'm not going to teach you stuff that isn't important. So, I'd love to invite you to check out the training resources I have available for you here at The Dog Training Lab!

I want to help you stop feeling frustrated and embarrassed by your dog's bad behaviour and start to enjoy your dog more. A lot more! What are you waiting for, I can't wait to see what you and your dog can achieve! Let's go!

Available Products

FREE: Get Your Dog on Track!

Find out the reason why your dog doesn't behave and the 3 things you need to do to get your dog to behave better!

Bonus: We've also included 3 games that you can play with your dog to get them on the right track! Yup, these are the exact 3 games we teach to all our clients because they form the foundations to help your dog learn how to be good!

The Virtual Puppy Lab (um... class)

We know you want the best for your puppy! So, we've put together The Virtual Puppy Class to help you get your puppy off to the perfect start!

Yes, we will show you how to socialise your puppy even from home without risking the well being of your pup! Because we know you want your puppy to grow up to be a super happy, confident and obedient dog!

Your Puppy Socialisation Spotlight

Getting Puppy Socialisation right is SOOOOOO Important!

Teach Your Dog to Listen!

Is this class for you? This class is all about teaching you the skills you need to give your dog clearer instructions and teach your dog cool tricks! Yup! This is definitely a class EVERYONE should do!

This class has helped everyone from first time dog owners to professional dog trainers improve their skills and discover how much fun they can really have with their dog!  

Simon Cowell, eat your heart out because we're preparing your next lot of Contestants for America's Got Talent...

Teach Your Dog to Come! (When You Call!)

Are you sick of having a dog who runs away as soon as you take their leash off? A dog who pretends they're deaf whenever you call them?

Never fear, when Luzelle is near because I've put together some tried and tested ways to teach your dog to turn their ears on and LOVE to come back when you call! It's fun for BOTH yourself and your dog!

How can it be fun? Because we use GAMES!!! WOOHOO!

Teach Your Dog to Walk! (On a Loose Leash!)

Your best walk ever doesn't happen by accident. It happens by design! (Let's face it, if it could be achieved by accident you wouldn't be reading this right now). So follow along as I show you how to design Your Best Walk Ever!

I'd love to show you how I show all my clients to enjoy their dogs more and tell me that they've just got back from Your Best Walk Ever! Consider this your official invite!

Teach Your Dog Life Skills! (How to be a Good Dog!)

Are you frustrated with your dog's barking, pulling on lead and generally making your life miserable? Well, then this is the PERFECT class for you!

This online class is based on the information you would learn in our Dream Dog Program worth $2,950!

Relationship Rehab for Dogs + their Owners

Learn not only how to fix your relationship with your dog but to build a strong relationship from the start! This class includes our classes on teaching your dog to listen, come when you call, walk on a loose leash and have every day manners!

The Competitive Edge Lab (Start Your Journey in Obedience Competitions!)

This class is about becoming a team with your dog. It's about more than just competing. It's about finding joy in your team and helping your dog, your partner to work with you so that you both can not only successfully compete, but LOVE to compete together!

The Dog Geek Vault (Learn how to Train the Dog in Front of You!)

Wanna know more than just the basics of training? The really in depth stuff that trainers know but that you can't find anywhere on the interwebs really. 
Yup, here is where we'll deep dive into working with your dog!

To do so we'll be looking outside, upside and around the box so that you will not only understand your best bud better but so that you'll be able to form a bond so deep people will look at you + your dog with envy! What are you waiting for? Dive in!

Get Your Dog Biz on Track so You Can Help More Dogs!

Running a Dog Biz is a constant battle between living and helping - but what if you can do both? Yup, you can help dogs without living in poverty! 

This class will give you the kick up the butt to find what works for you! So you can help more owners and more dogs! Isn't it why you got into dog training in the first place? Jump in!

The Dog Training Lab VIPs (Continued Dog Trainer Education for the Pros)

Want to learn how to expand the toolbox of skills you have? You've found the place where ideas and discussions are more than welcome! And trying different things is actually encouraged! Yup, stop using methods and start helping owners to learn how to connect with their dogs!

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