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What Other Dog Trainers say

Luzelle Cockburn is one of the most talented dog trainers I know. Dedicated, enthusiastic and a great communicator, over the time I’ve known Luzelle she’s trained her own dogs in high level competition Obedience skills and also made them great companion dogs with good community social skills when out and about with family and friends. Luzelle is one of the few people I’d trust to care for and train my own dogs, and teach me. Some trainers can communicate well with dogs in training, others can communicate with handlers and explain what they need to do to get the best out of their dog. I believe Luzelle is that rare combination of both – excellent dog trainer and excellent communicator with people. I’d highly recommend her to anyone wishing to get the very best out of their dog in competition or as a family pet.

Heather Hammonds
Author of Essential Dog Tricks & Training

For many years now I have watched Luzelle evolve as a dog trainer. From her start as a gifted amateur, to her taking on professional dog training part-time, to her now operating and thriving in a full time dog training career. Folks like Luzelle are quite rare in the dog training world - no problems with ego, truckloads of talent, super consistent with her training, and a hard working with a constant desire to consume information from all sources to continue to hone her craft. I’m proud of and for Luzelle to see how she continues to grow, and I think it’s wonderful that she now wishes to support others to undertake a similar journey. I am very much looking forward to seeing how her coaching positively affects the lives and careers of many people. Kudos Luz!

Brad Griggs
Founder of Canine Services International

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