Good Dogs Have More Fun!

Good dogs have more fun - and so do their humans!

And I know your dog is a good dog. If only they'd be the amazing being when others are around too! Instead of jumping up, barking, digging, pulling on leash and doing all the wrong things.

You're in the right place if you'd like to learn how to show off your dog's real inner good dog to the rest of the world! Because I can help you do that!

Because good dogs are made, not born! All you need is a little time and patience, because nothing good ever came from being frustrated, and The Dog Training Lab!

Our dogs should bring us comfort in a world that's overwhelming. They provide us unbelievable friendship. So when things go wrong it can be confusing and stressful. I'm here to help you and your dog connect!

Not only will you get a better dog, but you'll become a better human for your dog! Have a better relationship, have more fun and enjoy life together more! And a side effect is a more obedient dog too! What more could you want?

Available Courses

FREE 3 Games Every Dog Should Know


Grab the 3 Games Every Dog Should Know that can help you teach your dog to:

  • Listen to you
  • Leave it
  • Come when you call

I used to teach these 3 skills during a 2 hour private lesson for $250! But, you can get it FREE!

FREE Muzzle Training for Good Dogs!

If you love your dog, you'll do everything possible to make sure that you'll protect them from their instincts.

And the biggest challenge our dogs face is using their teeth. I know your dog doesn't want to bite anyone. But, if they feel they have no other choice they will.

Don't wait till your dog is freaking out at the vet and then stress them out more by putting a muzzle on them. Teach them that wearing a muzzle is fun and no big deal before you need it!

That's what a good owner would do!

FREE How to Become Your Dog's Best Friend

They say if you want to have a friend, you have to be a friend, right?

And of course best friends know each other better than anyone else! So, to help you become your dog's best friend, I've put together a workbook so that you can note down where you guys are at right now, and what you need to work on!

This is the missing ingredient when it comes to dogs who have challenging behaviours! Why? Would you do anything to help someone you love or not? So, check out this freebie and learn how to get your dog to work WITH you instead of AGAINST you!

The Dog Training Lab

Want your dog to listen better and just overall be a happier, calmer and more obedient dog?

Well, this is for you! We've put all our best games and trainings in The Dog Training Lab Membership for you and your dog to enjoy!

And don't worry, it's super easy to follow with cheat sheets, workbooks, shortcuts and how to videos! Not to mention, members get totally spoilt with discounts on our other programs, monthly challenges, prizes and so much more!

And of course, you get access to our amazing Facebook Group too! 

Lock in the super low monthly membership rate now, before it goes up!

Calm Confident & Connected Walks

I had tried treats, but my dogs just snatched the treats, often biting me in the process, and then they'd go straight back to pulling.

I tried toys too, but my reactive dog, Kaz, became even more reactive if she noticed another dog. I tried corrections, too, but I just ended up constantly correcting my dogs.

I even tried a combination of the 3.

No better luck.

Does this sound familiar?

None of the commonly recommended methods worked! And that testing is what lead to the creation of Calm Confident & Connected Walks! Join us and start enjoying your dogs from today!

Reactive Dog Rehab

Is your dog lunging or barking at dogs an even people? 

Are you worried about having visitors over or taking your dog out because you know it will be stressful and embarrassing?

That's why I created Reactive Dog Rehab! This program is designed to help you and your dog become a team who can work together and enjoy life again!

Reactive Dog Rehab Blueprint Replay!

Missed the Reactive Dog Rehab training?

No need to stress, you can get it right here!

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