COMING SOON: The Good Dog Vault

What is The Good Dog Vault? The Good Dog Vault is like a library of training for your dog. That's structured and makes sense! And you can find the training that you need for you and your dog right now. 

Why do you need it? Learn how to use Neuro Science to Hack Your Dog's Brain and help them overcome their Naughty Habits and become a true best friend! No one else teaches this stuff, so you'll only find it here!

What do you get? You'll get over 100 relationship + obedience enhancing ways to have a more obedient dog & have more fun all in one place without it being a sigh-out-loud chore!

What's Included?

The Super Puppy Vault: Raise your puppy right, from the start!
The Hyper Dog Vault: Calm your Hyper Dog with these Hyper Dog training techniques!
The Dog Training Vault: Understand how to teach your dog so that they actually listen!
The Super Star Vault: Fun and cute ways to make your bestie insta famous!
The Essential Skills Vault: Make sure your dog has all the essentials covered

BONUS VAULT 1 All About Rewards: Learn how to use rewards more effectively to get more out of your dog without the unwanted side effects!
BONUS VAULT 2 Boredom Buster Toys: I like to train smarter, not harder... and that's how I like to use my Boredom Buster Toys too!
BONUS VAULT 3 The Good Dog Podcast: Get extra tips and things dog trainers don't tell you with guest trainers!

AND MORE tips, tricks & hacks for ONLY $9/month (be one of the first 25 people, and lock in this price for as long as you're a member!)

Now, while we're getting all the goodies set up over the next few months, you can join for LESS THAN A Tenner! Don't snooze. It won't stay at this price for long (but if you sign up for $9, you'll get to stay at $9!)

What else do you get? We'll temporarily host our community on FB (we have goals to move it into here eventually but in the meantime FB will have to do!). 

We all know that our dogs behaviour will change over time. And this is ALL about making sure you have all the resources at hand when you need them!

And the library of training will continue to grow. I'm a never ending engine of ideas... 

So how does it work?

Right now you can join for ONLY $9/month and if you join at that price you'll never pay more than $9/month for as long as you're a member. If you cancel though and rejoin, you'll need to rejoin at the higher price (because it's not going to be $9/month for long!).

What are the benefits?

Be one of the first 25 AND YOU GET:

  • A Private FB Group!
  • Monthly Challenges!
  • Discounts & access to exclusive training! (These will depend on length of membership, so even more reason to be one of the first)
  • Personalised feedback on your training! (Get 6 training videos personally reviewed, these will be available to other members to view too so everyone can benefit, because we all struggle with the same steps! You can submit 1 video for review every 2 months until you've reached your quota while you're a member, if you cancel your memberhsip, unused reviews are lost.)

9 Modules


Find exactly what you're looking for! 

I'm so happy you're here to help your dog! There's a lot of information here, and to help you get the most of it, I want to make sure you get the help you need quickly!

Answer the questions and let's get you the help you need right now!

The Super Puppy Vault

Got a new puppy?

You'll want to go through this training! Learn all my secrets to how I develop confident, happy puppies! Don't waste any time!

Let's dive in!


The Hyper Dog to Calm Dog Vault

Is your dog hyper and driving you nuts?

You'll want to go through this training! Learn how I help hyper dogs calm down! Don't waste any time!

Let's dive in!


The Dog Training Vault

Your dog not listening to you?

You'll want to go through this training! Learn how to get your dog to actually listen to you! Don't waste any time!

Let's dive in!


COMING SOON: The Essential Skills Vault

Teach your dog what's really important?

Not many people realise how important these skills are! Make your dog's life less stressful by teaching them the skills they need before they need them! Don't waste any time!

Let's dive in!


The Super Star Vault

Want to get to the fun stuff?

Make your dog Insta Famous with this training! Learn how to teach your dog cute and fun tricks! And have fun with your dog!

Let's dive in!


COMING SOON Bonus Vault: All About Rewards

Understanding this can change your life with your dog!

Rewards are important in helping your dog understand and be clearer when it comes to understanding you! But, few people understand how to understand rewards to get the best out of their dogs! Don't waste any time!

Let's dive in!


Bonus Vault: Boredom Buster Toys

Because we can't entertain our dogs 24/7!

Boredom Buster Toys are a valuable tool in keeping our dogs out of trouble! Learn how to use Boredom Buster Toys to help your dog make better choices! Don't waste any time!

Let's dive in!


COMING SOON Bonus Vault: The Good Dog Podcast

Learn the things dog trainers don't really tell anyone!

Eaves drop on conversations between dog trainers! Find out the tips and tricks dog trainers use to have amazing dog after amazing dog! Don't waste any time!

Let's dive in!


Modules for this vault 9
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