Blog Does Your Dog Wish You Knew This?

Does Your Dog Wish You Knew This?


Have you ever had trouble teaching your dog new tricks or commands? Well, you're not alone! I've been there too, and today, I want to share some cool things I've learned about training dogs. If you prefer watching, there's a video version below!

First off, did you know that a fifth of the food we (and our dogs) eat is used by our brains? It's true! But sometimes, we might not use all that brainpower because we're too busy telling our dogs what to do. In this blog, I want to challenge you to try a different way. 

Dogs and humans can learn in special ways that you might not have thought about during training. Let's talk about 'latent learning.' It's like when you struggle with a drawing, take a break, sleep on it, and suddenly, you figure it out. Dogs can have these 'aha' moments too!

Now, there's 'vicarious learning,' where you learn by watching others. I have a fun story about my dog Delta, who learned best by watching another dog do the task. This way of learning isn't just for her – it can help your dog too.

If your dog has trouble understanding something, maybe let them watch other dogs do it. It's like a doggy tutorial that could help them get it.

Another cool thing is 'latent learning,' which is taking a break to think. If something's tricky, it's okay to pause and come back later with fresh eyes. Dogs, just like us, can benefit from a break to understand things better.

Think about tracking – it can be tough for dogs. After a tricky session, they might need a break to think and do better next time.

Now, let's talk about stress. Too much stress is not good for us or our dogs. It can make it hard for them to think and solve problems. So, when teaching something new, try using low-stress methods.

Be careful with super exciting training methods because they can raise stress levels. Instead, go for calm training that helps your dog work through challenges.

Try these different ways of training, and you might unlock your dog's hidden talents. If you found these tips helpful, share them with a friend. Leave a comment below with your thoughts or let us know what you'd like us to share next! Happy Training!

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