Blog How to Show that You REALLY Love Dogs!

How to Show that You REALLY Love Dogs!


I'm all about dogs, whether they're easygoing or challenging. Both can thrive when their owners understand and support them.

But, I have a question for you... are you just paying lip service to "I love dogs"? Here's how you can show that you REALLY love dogs!

Have a laid-back pup? Awesome! You can assist the more challenging dogs by giving them some space. If you're near an entrance, step aside to let the more challenging dog pass through.

And please, keep your dog on a leash, even if they're well-behaved. It ensures a safe and enjoyable time for all dogs, not just the easy ones.

Remember, every dog deserves quality time with their owner.

If you have an easygoing dog, you can also lend a hand to someone with a more difficult dog.


If you notice the other dog is feeling anxious, make sure your dog doesn't stare, even if they just want to play.

Keep in mind, the challenging dog is likely scared.

So, being helpful instead of unaware is a win-win.

By assisting the challenging dog, you're also safeguarding your own pup! Because one encounter with a challenging dog can turn even an easygoing dog into a more difficult one. It doesn't have to be an aggressive encounter. 🐶🤝

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