Blog Understanding Your Dog: A Quick Guide to Building a Stronger Bond

Understanding Your Dog: A Quick Guide to Building a Stronger Bond


Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Luzelle here, the unconventional dog trainer, and today, I'm excited to share a powerful tool with you – my mental checklist for connecting with every unique dog I work with.

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that I've got a fantastic workbook for you at It's called "How to Become Your Dog's Best Friend," and it's absolutely free. Grab it now; the link is below. Let's empower you to understand your furry friend better and achieve even more remarkable results in your training.

Now, let me ask you this: How well do you know your dog's preferences? Think of it like choosing the right chocolate. Are they a fan of white, milk, or dark chocolate? I'm a dark chocolate girl, and just like offering me white chocolate feels like a mismatch, not understanding your dog's likes and dislikes can lead to miscommunication.

To be your dog's best friend, you need to pay attention – know their learning styles, personal preferences, and what makes them tick. It's the key to building a strong connection.

First on my checklist is understanding whether your dog is introverted or extroverted. Just like people, dogs have different social preferences, and trying to change them is a no-go. Respect their nature and adapt your approach accordingly.

Now, let's talk circles of trust. Introverted dogs often have a small circle. If your pup is reactive or aggressive, start with a tight circle and expand it gradually. Once you're in their trust circle, you're golden. Respect is the name of the game.

And speaking of respect, knowing your dog's likes and dislikes is crucial. If they're not a fan of being touched, respect that boundary. Build trust before delving into physical interactions.

So, there you have it – a concise guide to deepening your connection with your furry friend. Remember, understanding your dog is the key to a happy and successful companionship.

If you found this helpful, share it with a friend, or drop a comment below to share your thoughts, insights or opinions with us. I'm not aiming for internet fame; I just want to help those who genuinely seek a better relationship with their dogs.

Happy training, and catch you next time!


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