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The Life Skills Bundle

The Life Skills Bundle

You can have a calm, happy household! I kid you not! Because I'm going to teach you the super awesome games, secret techniques and clever ways to transform your dog from naughty to nice and you can set the pace. You can achieve all this in as little as 6 weeks if you want!  

How can I be so sure that it's going to work for you? Because it works for ALL my clients! And I want you to succeed! I want you to have the skills and abilities to help your dog to be a good dog. Like you dreamed of when you got your puppy home or adopted them form the shelter!

No more yelling or getting frustrated. Because I'll show you what to do when things go wrong as well as what to do when things go right so you don't have to feel out of control anymore!

You didn't get your dog to be tortured for the rest of the time they're with you. You got a dog to enjoy. Yup, that does mean you'll have to make a few changes - but your dog is behaving like they are because what you're currently doing isn't working! 

Give yourself the gift of having a great dog that you can enjoy!

What are you going to learn?

  • "Wow! How Did You Get Your Dog to Behave Around Food?"
    Leave it and Don't Snatch - don't steal food

  • "Wow! Your Dog is So Good at The Door!"
    Door Manners - no more rushing out of doors and jumping on visitors!

  • "Wow! How did you get your dog to be so quiet?"
    Be Quiet - no more annoying barking

  • "Wow! I didn't even know you had your dog with you!"
    Stay and Settle - take your dog with you to a cafe!

  • "Wow! How did you teach your dog not to steal your stuff?"
    Don't steal my stuff - get the upper hand and stop your dog nicking everything!

Is Online Training actually worth it?
I love Online Dog Training, because it gives me the opportunity to learn from people even if they're on a different continent. The other great thing about online dog training is that usually the course creator adds in MORE than what you need so that it suits a range of dogs and their humans! That's great because you'll have information to help not just 1 dog, but all your dogs! Present and Future!

Also the other great thing about online training is that you can revisit the lessons OVER and OVER and OVER! And if you're having trouble, just flick me a message and I'll see how I can help you with that. It's actually so much more convenient because you don't even need to get dressed to go through the class. It's all right there to go through when it's convenient for you - even if that's 3am!

Does access to the course expire?
No it does not. You get to keep the course forever! Or at least as long as The Dog Training Lab exists.

What if it doesn't work for me and my dog?
I take it as a personal failure. You can submit videos so that I can help you figure out what's going on so that you'll be successful! I want you to succeed! I'll work with you to find a solution but remember for your dog to improve you have to do the training. Just buying the course isn't going to fix your dog's behaviour.

11 Modules

How Can You Use Your Dog's Daily Allotment of Food to Your Advantage?

How to Make Nutritious Bone Broth for Your Dog!

The What's This Game

Challenge: Talk Less to Your Dog!

Modules for this course 11
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