How to do an elimination diet for a dog suffering from allergies

I was blessed (I am being sarcastic) to have my very first puppy teach me all about allergies in dogs. Thanks to Kazzie, I can prep an elimination diet in my sleep. Despite doing "everything right" by making sure her parents had hip and elbow scores done! But hips and elbows turned out to be the least of my issues: Kaz, my German Shepherd puppy had every allergy under the sun. She was even allergic to grass. So despite all the elimination diets we did, Kaz was still suffering from ...

Help! My Dog is Ruinning My Life! What should I do?

You came home to a disaster. Again. Ripped up carpet. Trash everywhere. And to boot, you had to rush your dog to the vet because they ate inedible things. You wonder why you bothered when your dog is trying to ruin your life.

The #1 Reason Dogs Fail Their Training

The #1 Reason Dogs Fail Their Training can be something so simple. But finding out how to train our dogs can be so frustrating. Can a dog who is peeing on beds learn not to pee on beds? Well, it depends. The first thing we need to figure out is why.

What's Your Dog's Why? And why knowing this is a game changer!

Your dog wants to work with you. So give your dog the opportunity they need to become your partner. Knowing your dog's why will help you become an unstopable team!

5 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make. And how to avoid them!

We all make mistakes. But, why make mistakes yourself when you can learn from the mistakes of others? I see these common mistakes a lot, I'll share them with you so you don't have to make them!


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